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Joe Banjo
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Classic's Cashmere

DOB:  June 2, 2010
Sire:  Blackjack Cowboy
Dam:  Classic's Primetime

14.2 hand Chocolate flax filly with a great disposition. Loves people and to be handled. Great smaller horse for a smaller rider.  Call or e-mail for price!


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DOB: May 7, 2009
Sire:  Dock
Dam:  Chocolate Candy

Beautiful Chocolate Mare by Dock with excellent conformation. This mare is Show or Trail prospect with lot's of class. 15 hands and just a " look at me" attitude. This is not one to pass up.    Call or e-mail for price!


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CS Bonnie Bell

DOB:  May 11, 2010
Sire:  Classic Squirrel
Dam:  Hot Tamale

CS stands for Classic Squirrel her sire. Her mother is a Dock mare. Here's a very colorful mare who will stand out in the crowd. Bonnie has a loving personality and calm manner. She's young and a good 14.3 size filly for her age. Beautiful flax mane and tail. Lot's of potential here.   Call or e-mail for price!


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Banjo's Superstar

DOB:  February 26, 2007
Sire:  Joe Banjo
Dam:  Sonny's KY Charm

2007 mare looks and acts like a lady. Striking dark chocolate coat with a white mane and tail. She's 14.3 hands, under saddle, calm and people oriented. Registered KMSHA -RMHA.   Call or e-mail for price!



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Tango's Chocolate Charm

DOB:  2009
Sire:  Let's Tango
Dam:  Classic's Black Diamond

'09 filly by Let's Tango and Classic's Black Diamond. Spectacular looking in appearance double Dock bred filly who's Sire is Dock and mother is Classic's Black Diamond. Playful, but loving filly is gentle to handle, listens well, in your face personalty. What a great dark chocolate dapple color to set off her grace and style. 





Lass Tango

DOB:  05/18/2009
Sire:  Let's Tango
Dam:  Sonny's KY Charm

Beautiful dark chocolate with white mane and tail filly who has much to offer. This stunning girl is 14.3 hands and has superb conformation, great features and definitely a crowd standout. You'll just love her sweet temperament, which is the icing on the cake.





Bart's Baybe

DOB:  June 3, 2009
Sire:  Black Bart
Dam:  Sassy

2009 Beautiful Bay Filly being offered as the last of her bloodline. Black Bart her sire was gelded and her mother Sassy (a Johnson's Toby Mare) died last year.

This Filly is a sweet gentle "melt in your hands" girl who wants to only please. We've been on her back a few times and she seems like she'll be easy to work with and finish under saddle. 



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